10 things that happen after women turn 50 years old

As we age, our bodies start to work differently and changes are evident. The process is gradual, but in many cases we don’t know what is going on so we misread some symptoms as signs of a disease, when actually everything is happening naturally.

In this article we have a list of 10 things women should be aware about after they turn 50.


Your body reacts differently to alcohol with the process of aging. There are advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to alcohol consumption. For instance, drinking a glass of wine a day can be really useful to your health: it decreases the risk of diabetes, normalizes blood pressure and prevents heart diseases.

However, if you are postmenopausal and you consume too much alcohol you will increase the risk of getting cancer and having gum diseases. Too much alcohol can also cause problems with your sight.


 2.The condition of your skin

Due to the lack of estrogen in your body, your skin changes: it becomes unattractive and thin. Luckily,  there are many ways to slow the process of aging and tighten the skin on your face. So don’t get too upset.

3.Bad memory

Forgetting things on a daily basis such as going in a room and wondering why you have gone there in the first place, shouldn’t worry you. This happens because as we age our short-term memory doesn’t function as it used to in the past when we were younger. It is a natural thing, so this shouldn’t scare you.


When we talk about hair in this part we talk about unwanted hairs that will appear on your chin .There is a solution to this too: just visit your cosmetologist or remove them by yourself by using tweezers.

 5.Loss of hearing

Like every other function of your body, your hearing will worsen too. Quiet surroundings will work good for you since in this way you will be able to hear what the other person next to you is saying. However, good hearing can be preserved in many ways, one of them is consuming wine in moderate quantities.

6.Poor eyesight

Poor eyesight is a problem of many people, not just older people. With age our sight gets worse and there’s nothing to do except for using glasses in some fancy frame and relax

7.Changes in your sex life

Due to the lack of estrogen in your body, you will also experience changes in your sex life. For some women it became worse while for some it became better- due to the increased levels of testosterone in the body. There will be changes for sure, but it depends.


In the period of menopause a lot of women gain weight. After they turn 50 it is much more difficult to lose all those extra pounds. At the same time it gets easier to gain weight even more. Healthy diet and regular physical activity will keep your body healthy and slim.

9. Another outlook on life

When we are young we think differently and tend to complain about things that are not so important. When we get older we appreciate things more and stop paying attention to trivial things.


Problems with children are gone. If your teenager used to hate you, now those problems are far behind you. As you get older your children are adult enough to appreciate and show their affection more than they used

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