109-Year Old Woman Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret To A Long Life

She was Scotland’s oldest woman and her interview in Daily Mail has gone viral. Jessie Gallan, shared her secret of longevity and it’s really funny.

This interesting 109- year old lady gave two incredibly valuable pieces of advice to everyone who wants to live a long and healthy life.

In her opinion, the thing that kept her alive and in good shape for so long is eating a warm bowl of porridge for breakfast every day.

Along with this, her invaluable secret was avoiding men. Yes, you ‘ve read it right – staying as far as possible from men is the thing that can prolongs everyone’s life. All this years we’ve been looking for the secret for a long life and there it was: avoiding men. Can you believe it?

 “They’re just more trouble than they’re worth,” Gallan told the Daily Mail.

She also added that she “made sure that [she] got plenty of exercise, eat a nice warm bowl of porridge every morning and have never gotten married.”

Jessie came from a poor family that lived in a small two-room farm cottage. She had five sisters and one brother and they all slept on one straw mattress.

Throughout her whole life she was very independent woman and she has worked hard since her teenage years. She was only 13 when she left her home and started living alone. This experience has made her realize that it is very important to work hard in order to earn for a living.

As she explained: “I have worked hard and rarely would I ever take a holiday.”

Her whole life revolved around hard work and earning for a living,  so she never got married.

In the last period of her life, this lovely old woman resided at a nursing home for old people. One of her caregivers described her as an amazing person.

Jessie was always full of energy : she frequently attended church and exercise classes.

Gallan recounted the story of her life before and after turning 100 in her interview for Daily Mail.

Sadly, Gallan passed away in March of 2015, in Aberdeen, Scotland, soon after revealing her secrets to longevity. However, this amazing woman should be a reminder for all of us to enjoy life and live it to the fullest, regardless of our age. Finally, who needs men, anyway?


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