16 Genius Ancient Tricks That Will Make Your Everyday Life Easier

In 1910 a company published 100 cards with useful ancient tricks. Who would imagine that we could still use them today?

  1. How to revive cut flowers

To revive choice blooms that have faded during transit, plunge the stems into hot water and allow them to remain until the water has cooled. By that time the flowers will have revived. The ends of the stems should then be cut off and the blossoms placed in cold water in the usual way.

  1. How to wash bottles

Wash the inner part of the bottle by filling the bottle with sand and water and shaking hard.

  1. How to take ink stains out of a handkerchief

A fine linen handkerchief which has had the misfortune to become stained with ink can be restored to its original spotlessness. When the accident occurs, the handkerchief should at once be plunged into milk. After soaking for some time it will be found that the ink stains have disappeared.

  1. Discover the humidity in your bed

If you want to find out if there is humidity in your bed just put a small mirror between the sheets. If it gets blurred after severe minutes you better do something about it. Change the place of sleeping or take some measures.


  1. How to stop runway horse

Never rush in front of the horse. Run along beside, and with the hand nearest grip the shaft and keep the body clear by the stiffened arm. Then with the free hand catch the reins and pull the horse to a standstill. Do not jump about, wave arms or shout. It frightens the horse.

6. How to boil cracked eggs

If you want to boil cracked eggs all you need to do is to add some vinegar in the water.

  1. How to test butter

A good way of testing butter is shown in the picture. Rub a little of the suspected compound upon a piece of paper and set the paper alight. If it is pure butter, the odor will be dainty and agreeable, while the presence of Margarine is made known by an unpleasant tallow smell.


  1. How to take out a piece of glass out of your skin

Fill a small bottle with warm water and place the upper part of the bottle on the place where the glass is. The water that will cool will suck your skin and soon you will be able to remove the glass.

take off glass

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  1. How to treat sprains

Elevate the injured joint and wrap in clouts wrung out in cold water. The picture shows how to keep the cloths constantly wet without having to change them. A jug of water placed higher than injured limb, and a strip of linen with one end in the jug and the other end resting upon the wrapping of sprained joint, is all that is necessary. The water will pass from jug to compress by way of linen strip. Give a rubbing with oil or liniment as sprain gets better.

  1. How to carry a heavy jug

The right way to do this is shown on the picture: The jug must be upright.

how to carry jug
how to carry jug
  1. How to separate glass tumblers

When two glass tumblers stick together there is a danger of breakage in trying to separate them. The simplest and most effective method of releasing the glasses is to put cold water in the upper one and place the lower one in warm water. They will be found to separate at once.

  1. How to light a match in the wind

Make several cracks on the match as shown in the picture, so when you light the match the fire will stay longer.

  1. A hint when boiling potatoes

To make potatoes dry and floury when cooked, add to water when boiling them a pinch of sugar as well as salt. When potatoes are done, water should be poured away and saucepan replaced over the fire for a short time, shaking the saucepan occasionally to ensure equal dryness of potatoes.

14. How to slice fresh bread

Put the knife in hot water from 10 to 15 seconds and then slowly slice the bread.

  1. How to preserve valuable vases

If the following precaution is taken, the danger of knocking over a valuable vase will not be so great. Partly fill the vase with sand, which, acting as a weight, keeps it upright and firm on its base. This idea is particularly useful in the case of vases which are inclined to be top heavy, owing to their having small bases.

  1. How to keep eggs fresh

If you want to keep eggs fresh put them in a bowl of salt and then keep them in any kind of container in a dry place.

We hope you’ll find these tips useful.

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