Here are 2 healthy recipes for weight loss.

Apple salad

This salad recipe for losing weight was recommended by Gennady Malakhov on her show about healthy living on Russian television.

First, grate 2 sour apples. Add 50 grams of grated celery root and a little grated horseradish root. Season the salad with a little kefir as a salad dressing.
This salad reduces the calories, and should be consumed at night and regularly so that it shows the right effects!

Beet balls for reducing appetite and rapid weight loss

Squeeze a kilogram of well washed beetroot to make some juice. Don’t throw away the remains because they are excellent tool for weight loss. These remains will make a great snack which will help you to lose some pounds.
So, roll these remains into small balls and put them in the freezer. Don’t use a big amount of beetroot because the fresher it is the better.

Whenever you feel hungry swallow these balls without chewing. Don’t eat or drink anything else after having these beetroots. These beetroot balls will reduce your appetite and reduce your weight since they naturally cleanse your organism.

Have a good appetite!

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