Have Fun and Leave The Stress Behind : How To DIY Slime Stress Ball !

Colorful  and eye-catching  these DIY slime stress balls are currently one of the most popular things. There are a lot of videos on how to make them at your own home and then enjoy playing with them. It may sounds strange but playing with these balls or squeezing them provides amazing anti-stress effects. And who doesn’t want to relieve stress in this fun way?

So, how can you prepare one of these balls at your home? You will need several things:

  • Good –quality thick balloons in different colors
  • Corn flour
  • Plastic bottle


  • First, add the corn flour into a plastic bowl or jug.
  • Then, slowly add some water and mix it with your hands. It absorbs the water really quickly so add more water until you can mix it into a nice sliming consistency.
  • Add this mixture into a small plastic bottle. Once the mixture is in the bottle, take a balloon and stretch it over the top of the bottle. Then slowly start sipping the mixture into the balloon.
  • When you are done, remove the balloon from the bottle and tie a knot at the end. In order to make it stronger and not risk to pop, place the balloon inside of another one. You can use marble patterned balloon.
  • You can also fill the balloon with mung beans.

There you are! Your slime stress ball is ready to be squeezed. Watch the video below for more detailed description!

Source : Youtube.com

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