The 3-Ingredient Cranberry Juice You Can Drink To Help Detox Kidneys, Protect Your Heart and Strengthen Bone

Kidneys are powerful organs that have a lot of important functions in your body. They process about 200 quarts of blood on a daily basis to move to about 2 quarts of waste and extra water.

Kidneys are also responsible for releasing several hormones.

1.Renin – This is a hormone that is released by kidneys. It is a very important hormone that regulates blood pressure. We all know that high blood pressure increases the risk of heart diseases. When your blood pressure in higher , your heart needs to work more in order to pump blood throughout the body. If this condition is constant your heart might enlarge.

2.The second hormone that kidneys release is erythopoietin. It is a hormone that stimulates the process of                    making red blood cells.

3. Calcitriol is another hormone released by kidneys. It is an active form of Vitamin D. It is known that this                vitamin keeps the calcium in


Kidney diseases are usually caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. Both of these health conditions can be prevented and are treatable. A lot of people have these disease due to genetics. However, they can prevent the risks by taking some action.

It is very important to do things that will help your kidneys function at optimal levels, since they are responsible for many essential body functions.

So you need to do what’s best for your kidneys and follow some tips. You can start by eliminating unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking and consuming unhealthy foods.

Use these simple tips to “help” your kidneys and detox them:

Tip 1

Cut out processed foods and always opt for fresh vegetables or fruits. The more unhealthy foods you consume, the more your body has to work to get rid of the junk, If you don’t know how to cook, start learning. There are a lot of tutorials about preparing easy and healthy meals. When you cook you know what ingredients you put in your body. Try to choose organic products especially if you eat meat.

JUICE! Juice fresh dark green leafy vegetables. Chlorophyll is amazing for your body.

Alkalizing foods will keep your body pH level neutral. Try to eat or juice more of them. The healthier you eat and the more you are physically active, the less time your body has to spend to eliminate toxins. You will feel full of energy if you change your lifestyle.

Tip 2

Cranberries can do wonders for your bladder and kidneys. They help in preventing and treating urinary infections.Cranberries contain a compound called hippuric acid. Hippuric acidifies the urine and inhibits bacteria. This is useful for people who have bladder infections.

Cranberries  also contain an antioxidant known as proanthocyanidin. They are not only beneficial for your kidneys and bladder but they are also great for  lowering risks of heart diseases. Cranberries are great for teeth gums and they also have anti-cancer properties.

The best way to consume them is by preparing your own cranberry juice. You can either juice or blend fresh or frozen organic cranberries. Try to avoid juice bought from the store since it is packed with sugars.

This is a one-day supply of juice


·        56 ounces of filtered water

·        8-12 ounces of unsweetened, pure, organic tart cranberry juice


Mix in a gallon container.

Cover with a lid.

Store in fridge.

How to use:

Drink one cup of this cranberry juice water at a time, alternating with a cup of filtered water. Do this until you finish the gallon by bedtime

Tip 3

If you have magnesium deficiency then this is not good for your kidneys. This vitamins plays an important role in the regulation of blood pressure. Magnesium prevents osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. So try to eat more magnesium rich foods or take magnesium supplements.

Tip 4

Going on a simple 3-5 day juice fast is a great way to detox your body. When you juice dark green vegetables you are instantly getting high amount of vitamins and nutrients. There are countless recipes for dark green smoothies you can find on the internet.

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