5 Anti-Stress Exercise That Will Help You Release Stress Immediately

We are living in a time when everything around us is happening at a really fast pace. We all feel under pressure and our usual day is mostly filled with stress and many responsibilities. The stress is one of our biggest issues. We all need to know how to deal with it so that it won’t affect our overall health.

We are going to present you several efficient exercises and advice that will help you release stress and improve the quality of your life:

Dr. Jessamy Hibberd and the journalist Jo Usmar in their book “ This book will make you calm “ explain the principle of progressive muscle relaxation.

Everyone has experienced times when they’ve felt that anxiety  and stress is eating them up and they’re losing control. However, no matter how stressed you feel, you can learn how to overcome negative cycles in your mood and behavior”

“Drawing on the latest proven CBT research, Dr Jessamy Hibberd and Jo Usmar teach practical techniques that will enable you to deal with whatever life throws at you. From reducing worry to managing anxiety and learning relaxation strategies, the tips in this compact and friendly book will lead to a calmer and happier life’’

These are the 5 anti-stress exercises for progressive muscle relaxation. For a start you need to sit down and then try to relax all of your body from head to toes. Here is how to do this:

  1. Butt and hips .

At the same time tighten up your butt and hips muscles. Be in this position as long as you can and then relax completely while you are saying Let it go in yourself. After a break of 10 seconds repeat this once more.

  1. Stomach

Tighten up your stomach muscles and stay in this position as long as you can. After relaxing the muscles say Let it go to yourself and repeat the same after 10 seconds.

  1. Jaw

Tighten up your jaw muscles in the way that you’ll tighten up your teeth. Be in this position for some time and then relax. Repeat the same procedure as the previous exercises.

  1. Eyes

Find a comfortable place to sit. Look at the ceiling and find a point at which you will focus your look. Don’t move your head and gently turn your eyes on your right side, then at the middle, towards left and at the middle again. After rubbing your hands (until you feel warmth) close your eyes and put your hands on your eyes to warm them. Say Let it go in yourself and let off your hands and relax your eyes.

5. The whole body

There is an exercise that can help you relax the whole body at the same time. Find a place to lie down on your back completely stretched. Tighten your feet and calves, lift your shoulders and tighten the jaw as well as the face. Move with your whole body and try to tighten all of your muscles from head to toes. The moment you feel your body is shivering say Let it go, relax completely and you will feel an instant easiness and calmness.

When you finish doing these exercises close your eyes and relax. If you still feel tightness in some part of your body you can repeat some of the exercises.


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