9 Body Signals You Should Take Seriously!

Our body is the most complex machinery that constantly sends us signals when something’s wrong. However, we often ignore these signs out of ignorance or not pay enough attention.

Today, take 5-10 minutes out  of your time and check whether you’ve noticed or ignored any of these 9 signs:

Dark circles around the eyes.

If you sleep 7-8 hours during the night and yet you still wake up having dark circles around the eyes, you might have anemia. When the body produces less red blood cells, the skin around the eyes can become darker.

dark circles

 Different color of the fingers

This is the first sign of the Raynaud phenomenon – a condition when the low temperatures cause cramps in blood vessels which results in change of the color of fingers.

Blurry sight

If your eyes are often tired, you’ll notice that your sight is gradually becoming weaker and blurrier. This is the first sign of myopia or astigmatism, so you better consult an ophthalmologist.

Appearance of strange shapes 

If you see white and bright dots or lines from time to time, you must have an eye check.  This is a sign that a cataracts or other serious eye disease may develop.

Abdominal ‘noise’

Abdominal noise or bowel sound is normal, but if it comes along with pain you must visit a doctor.


Peeling or flaking skin

This is sign that you have a vitamin deficiency. A good diet guarantees for a normal skin, so if your skin peels or itches, you must consult a doctor. Also, there is a high chance that it is a fungus infection that can be treated appropriately.

Partial smell loss

If you feel  that your sense of smell is getting poor or you gradually lose it, this could be a sign of serious cold or infection. So don’t ignore this sign.

Eye Twitching

The occasional eye twitching may be a result from lack of sleep, stress and many other reasons. It can be relieved by the use of cold compress. If it doesn’t stop , this could be a sign of a nerve disorder that must be medically treated by a doctor.

Ear ringing or buzzing

Even though you think it’s harmless and it will pass quickly, if the ear ringing is common and unpleasant it may be a sign of pathological condition.

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