9 Surprising Uses for Vodka that Will Blow Your Mind!


When you first hear about this drink it surely associates you to nights out, crazy weekends and fun. If you have only been using vodka as your favorite drink, then you have been really missing out. Did you know that this alcoholic drink can serve for many purposes and be a cure-all thing? Yes, vodka can be used for things you have never imagined: Here are some of them :

1.It makes for the crunchiest fried chicken

 We all know fried chicken isn’t the healthiest option, but if you decide to eat it eventually, make sure you cook it right. After all, the crispier the tastier.  If you add a bit of vodka (you can use a cheaper option) into the batter, the evaporation slows down and dehydrates the  chicken skin resulting in a crispier, darker and more addictive crust.

2.It gives homemade ice cream the best consistency

 If you make a homemade ice cream you surely come across the problem with over freezing quite often. To make sure that your ice-cream doesn’t harden-up too soon, just add a tablespoon of vodka into it while preparing. This simple tip will make your sweet treat more ‘scooper-friendly’.

3.It gets foul odors out of towels

Sometimes you may notice your towels don’t smell nice. It’s not because they’re not clean, but it may be a result of humidity. To prevent this from happening just add 1/3 cup of vodka into your washing machine, combined with the detergent you use. When the tub fills up , let the towels soak for at least an hour and then re=start the machine. It’s simple isn’t it?

4.It keeps breath fresh

It may sound strange to you but if you want a fresh breath just make a mixture of one cup of vodka and 9 tablespoons of cinnamon. It is considered to be one of the most effective mouthwashes. If you have small children, make sure you keep it away from them.

5.It keeps fresh-cut flowers beautiful for longer

 Vodka has antibacterial properties like every kind of alcohol. So if you add about one teaspoon per liter of water it will destroy bacteria that accumulates around the vase and on the stems. It is a perfect way to keep that beautiful boutique of roses from wilting too soon!

6.It gives a boost to room diffusers

Do you want to boost the smell of your DIY room diffuser? If yes, you need to add 1/4 cup of vodka to your next mix. This addition will make the smell of the essential oils last longer.

7.It soothes poison ivy reactions

 It’s painful and annoying when you develop a itchy rash from a poison ivy. If this happens to you just pour some vodka on the reaction as soon as possible. It will calm down the rash.

8.It serves as a key ingredient in homemade extracts

 Many popular extract recipes call for bourbons, but subbing this ingredient out with vodka makes for a much more attractive flavor profile.

9.It makes glass surfaces shine

High-proof alcohol is the best ingredient for the most effective DIY glass sprays. Make a combination of 1/4 cup vinegar, a cup of vodka and ½ teaspoon of liquid soap. It is a s simple as that. Glass surfaces will shine bright !

Source : http://tiphero.com

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