According To Psychologists, These Phrases Should Not Be Used In Conversations With Children

Being a parent is a very genuine and responsible job. If we can define it as a job. Parents are the ones who shape their kids into the persons they are going to be when they grow up. Children need to feel loved and respected so they can have a happy childhood. Parents are role models to their children, so they must be careful what they do or say in front of them. Their words and actions can have tremendous influence on the psyche of the children, so they must not use these phrases when talking to them:

  • Stop crying immediately

Children can often start crying if they did something wrong and are aware of that. Crying expresses how they feel, so if you say this phrase to them, it will teach them to suppress their emotions. Instead of saying stop crying immediately, explain them nicely why they did a mistake and let them know that it is alright to express their emotions.

  • You are a disappointment

It sounds rough even for adults, let alone for children. By saying this phrase , you are making your child feel responsible for your own disappointment. Encourage your child to follow the right path when it starts making wrong choices or mistakes. Try to explain them what it did wrong and why. Explain what the mistake was and encourage your child to do better.

  • You are worthless

This is something you must never tell to your child. You are the person they usually seek approval of, so if you say this to them, your children will start looking approval from the outside world. They will start believing that they have nothing worthy.

Instead of using this phrase, let them know that you believe he/she can do better next time.

  • Something/you are not enough

These words tell your child that he/she lacks something. He/she will start believing that they are not enough and will not be able to become what they want to without this.

Motivate your child to try harder because practice makes perfect.

  • Big boys or big girls don’t get scared

This is obviously a lie and you as a parent know it. This phrase suppresses a feeling. Instead, tell your child that is ok to be scared sometimes because everyone gets scared. It would be nice if you tell your child that he/she is your little hero that can find the courage to do the right thing in a scary situation.

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