What Is The Best Morning Routine for Your Zodiac Sign?

Different signs need  different morning routines. According to the horoscopes all of the star signs have their unique morning personalities and in the article below , various morning routines that best fit each sign are suggested :

You in the morning:  You get up ready to start with the day. You are fast and you like to fit as much into the a.m. hours as you possibly can. Your favorite activity would be something invigorating to signal the day has begun.

 Ideal morning routine:  Many Aries prefer a morning workout that is high-energy and gets their blood flowing. Morning sex isn’t a bad choice either. You don’t prefer long breakfasts , a grab and go breakfast is ideal for you. You also don’t need a long time to get dressed, you just need a quick shower and in a minute you are ready.

Taurus – April 20 to May 20

You in the morning: Your coffee is a must once you are up. Then you can do anything else. You are not very fast-moving in the morning and don’t want to be rushed. Too much stimuli can feel overwhelming before you’re fully awake and ready for it.

Ideal morning routine:  First of all, morning exercise isn’t for you. You want to look nice when you walk out of the door, so don’t rush , listen to some soothing music and take your time getting all dressed up.

Gemini – May 21 to June 20

You in the morning:  The first thing in the morning you like to find out what’s new on social media. You are also a very chatty morning person who likes to talk and being talked to.

Ideal morning routine:  Super-social. Morning is your best time to check in with family and friends, whether it’s a phone call or a Facebook message. (Be sure to check Twitter and Instagram, too). You could also make a standing a.m. commitment with an exercise buddy (social creature plus morning person equals unlikely to miss an early workout date).

Cancer – June 21 to July 22

You in the morning::  Getting up in the morning is not your favorite thing. However, once you are up you are focused on others because of your nurturing character. You like the quiet in the morning and enjoy the process of getting ready.

Ideal morning routine:  Your ideal routine is a routine that includes both caring for others and caring for yourself. Start your day with a long shower or bath before anything else. Prepare family breakfast and bring your partner some coffee.

Leo – July 23 to August 22

You in the morning:  You can be a bit grumpy in the morning because very often it is hard for you to wake up. You’re pretty set in your ways, but once you get through your routine and start to feel human, shades of Leos’ fun, creative side start to emerge.
Ideal morning routine:  Your ideal routine is a controlled and quiet one. You are not a fast mover in the morning , so you need to wake up earlier if you want to get somewhere on time.

You get thrown off by unexpected snafus; so, if you, say, share a bathroom with someone whose own routine is inconsistent, set a morning schedule so you don’t wake up to find they’re in the shower at the time you usually brush your teeth.

Virgo – August 23 to September 22

You in the morning: Your mornings seem to be very similar since you are a creature of habit. You wake up ready to get to work, whether it’s on actual office work or on a project around the house.

Ideal morning routine:  Goal-oriented. Scheduling morning workouts fits with your motivated morning persona, as does checking off household tasks like taking out the garbage or chipping away at an organizational project. Try not to hurry, but be deliberate with your time. And leave plenty of it for showering—Virgos love a long shower.


Libra – September 23 to October 22

You in the morning: From the moment you wake up you are all about the people in your life Libras don’t do anything in a scramble, even in the morning, and like to look their best.
Ideal morning routine:  If they are in a relationship Libras should spend time with the partner on waking up–talk to him/her, discuss their plans for the day, doing something together etc.

It is best to kick start their day with some mental engagement—reading a bit, checking emails, talking to someone, social media. etc. Libra is a Venus ruled sign- any routine of beauty, harmony and aesthetics will help them kick start the day in the right state of mind–for example- classical music, make up and beauty regime, taking care of their flowers, watching some attractive scenery, reading a fashion or art magazine, etc.


Scorpio – October 23 to November 21

You in the morning: You’re an information seeker and love digging into the day’s news first thing. You’re also not one to dilly-dally.

Ideal morning routine: Scorpios should give themselves a few moment of introspection about their feelings or state on waking up. They can have some amazing insights and presentiments for the day if they start like that. Directing the mind towards their goals for the day will also give them a powerful focus.

Scorpio is an intimate and private sign, so activities which are in keeping with this are suitable…even if it is a work out regime at the crack of dawn, they need to do it more privately- not in large groups.

Scorpio is a sex sign too, so morning sex is something they can benefit from, or at least some intimate moments of being with a close partner, but these should not be social times for chatting or discussions.


Sagittarius – November 22 to December 21

You in the morning: You’ve never used the snooze button and you tend to wake up with a vision of what you want to accomplish. Work proposal looming over you, or a novel you’re writing on the side? You’ll get up at four a.m. to do it. You’re also the type to get multiple things checked off your to-do list before work.
Ideal morning routine: Sagittarius will benefit from some more vigorous or exciting activities in the morning.

Sagittarius is also a philosophical sign and many of them read an inspiration book, listen to spiritual tapes, do affirmations, positive visualisation or contemplate the meaning of life–the ones who start like that–report best results for the rest of the day.

If a Sagittarius person starts the morning in a negative state of mind, he should immediately do something which brings his vibes up and infuses in him a sense of purpose and joy, or else the whole day can be disappointing.

Capricorn – December 22 to January 19

You in the morning: You’re not bounding out of bed, but you also don’t hit snooze. Capricorns will get up at the same time very single day and have a specific order to their actions that they don’t deviate from. They’re also a fan of the work “uniform,” wearing similar outfits every day.

Ideal morning routine: They should be ready to first tick away their most important or difficult responsibilities and then later in the day have personal or downtime. If this is impossible to do in the first 2 hours after waking up then, they should at least focus mentally in those tasks and prepare.

Capricorn is a sign of repetitions, so they benefit the best from a predictable routine on waking up, which does not vary much.


Aquarius – January 20 to February 18
You in the morning: Unpredictable. Aquarians don’t like being told what to do and have difficulty sticking to routines, so it’s rare that two mornings are alike. You do, however, always like to know what’s going on in the world, so you enjoy talking to people and catching up on what happened while you were sleeping.

Ideal morning routine:  Aquarius do not have to yank themselves out of bed too fast. Ruminate a bit in bed, and you will get some flashes of great ideas for the day/future ahead.

Aquarius is a progressive and future looking sign, hence the time after waking up, will be the best for forming such long term goals.

Aquarius rules friendships, you can really benefit if you write to friends then, call them or even go for a coffee within the first couple of hours.


Pisces – February 19 to March 20

You in the morning: Wishing you were still asleep. Pisces is the dream sign, and you’d stay in bed all day if you could. Once you do get up, you don’t like to be rushed. You need to feel comfortable to start your day on a good foot.

Ideal morning routine: On waking up, give yourself time to reflect on your dreams to day dream, to visualise, come in and out of sleep, commune with God.

You will benefit from a nice soak in the bath or a longer shower on waking up, during which you can carry on self-reflective thoughts or daydreams.

Do not feel bad if it takes you longer to come out of the sleep zone–your day will naturally pick up its speed later, as long as you give yourself the needed Pisces treatment in the morning.


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