You Can Find This Plant In Your Garden, But Only Few People Know Its Life Saving Effects!

There can be a lot of plants in your garden that have many health benefits you haven’t heard of.  One such plant is dandelion root which can be very helpful in fighting against leukemia.

Recent studies show that dandelion root is cytotoxic for three types of cells of human leukemia and it can kill up to 96% of the cells only after 48 hours

 However, you are surely doubting these findings, aren’t you?

There is a case reported by an oncologist Caroline Hamm who had an elderly patient suffering from myelomonocytic leukemia, a very aggressive form of leukemia. There wasn’t any progress in his leukemia treatment, more precisely in his chemotherapy, so the doctor suggested starting a natural therapy. This natural therapy was consisting of consuming dandelion root tea.

Dr. Hamm noticed the results of the patient’s test and they really showed progress only by consuming dandelion tea. The patient refused to continue with chemotherapy.

Dr. Hamm contacted the biochemist  Siyaram Pandey, who made a research with the help of his students.They collected  the blood cells of 9 different patients who consumed the dandelion root extract and applied it on several cells in order to cultivate them.  The cancerous  cells were destroyed in 24 hours while  the normal cells did not die.

Dandelion root health benefits

Dandelion root tea acts in a very quick way and affects the cancerous cells in a way that they disintegrate in only 48 hours. In the same time it allows new and healthy cells to be formed in the patient’s body.

According to other studies, the extract of dandelion has potentially active ingredients that fight cancer, more specifically prostate and breast cancer as well as prostate.

The use of this tea which lasts for centuries witnesses its effectiveness in the traditional folk medicine.

Before you decide to use any kind of natural remedy therapy consult your doctor first


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