You Can Lose Belly Fat and Get in Shape by Practicing These Simple Exercises While Sitting!

We can’t make excuses and say that we don’t have time to exercise. Nearly all of the American population has about 4 hours of free time every day but the question is how well is that time spent?

Unfortunately , most of people’s lifestyles are sedentary and there is not much physical activity. This has negative consequences on the overall heath condition.

Also, prolonged sitting  slows down the metabolism that prevents the body to break down body fat, regulate blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure. Additionally, sedentary lifestyle is associated with obesity, type-2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

Sitting for long periods can also lead to  back pain, spine disorders, hemorrhoids, and weight gain.  So after reading all of this, you may want to make a change ans start by stretching your body on a regular basis.


In Case You Work a Desk Job, You Can Lose Belly Fat and Get in Shape by Practicing These Simple Exercises While Sitting:

These specific exercises (presented in the video below)  will help you get rid of belly fat.

This type of fat is the most harmful kind of fat in your body as it wraps around your inner body organs.

A lot of  studies have been conducted concerning this issue and all of them prove that fat accumulated around the stomach area is a major health danger. It can increase the risk of developing insulin resistance and diabetes.

Belly fat also releases the hormone known as leptin that plays a very important role in the regulation of appetite.

People face real problems for losing belly fat. However, the perfect combination of balanced diet and regular exercising can help you lose weight and most importantly decrease the risk of various diseases.

If you think that you don’t have enough time or you simply have a desk job, you can try the following 5 chair exercises, especially made up for people like you.

So you won’t have any excuse to avoid exercising  – you can do them in your office or in your home and it won’t take much of your precious time.

Denise Austin, a popular fitness instructor, demonstrates and gives explanations on how to do these 5 simple chair exercises. They are simple and require nothing more than the chair you are sitting on.

If you want results, be sure to be consistent and exercise regularly.



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