Cancer is obtained from these two things : if  people had known this earlier, they would not have died so quickly!

The main cause of cancer was officially discovered before 1923, and the inventor received a Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931. Very few people know about it, because unfortunately this truth is hidden from the public.

In 1931, German scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg (1883-1970) received the Nobel Prize for finding the underlying cause of cancer. Dr Warburg discovered that cancer was the result of an anti-physiological lifestyle.

The anti-physiological way of consuming food (mostly acidifying foods) and the physical inactivity of the body create an acidic environment with poorly supplied oxygen.

Cellular acid is ejected from oxygen, and lack of oxygen in cells creates acidic environment.

Dr. Warburg says: “The lack of oxygen and acidity are two sides of the same coin: if one has one of them , it also  has the other.”

If you have too much acidity, you will automatically miss oxygen in your body; If you miss oxygen, you will have an acidified organism. Acid is an oxygen-free environment.

“If you take 35% of oxygen in a healthy station, you can turn it into a cancer cell in just two days,” argues Dr. Warburg.

“All normal cells have an absolute need for oxygen, but tumor cells can live without it. This is a rule without exception. ”

Tumor tissues are acidic, while those that are healthy are alkaline.

In his work “Metabolism of the tumor”, Dr. Warburg showed that all carcinogenic forms fulfill two basic conditions: acidity in the blood and hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

He found that tumor cells were anaerobic (they did not breathe oxygen) and could not survive in the presence of high oxygen concentrations.

Tumor cells can survive only with the help of glucose and in an environment free of oxygen.

Therefore, cancer is nothing more than a defense mechanism that our cells use to survive in an acidic environment without the presence of oxygen.

Healthy cells live in an alkaline environment full of oxygen, which ensures their normal functioning. Tumor cells live in an acidic environment with poor oxygen.

The acidity and alkalinity of the organism depend on food.

Once the digestive process is complete, the food, depending on its nutritional profile, creates acidity or alkaline states in the body.

Simply put, the alkalinity of an organism depends on what we eat.

The acid or alkaline state is measured with a pH scale from 0 to 14, where 7 is a neutral zone. 0 to 7 is acidic, and 7 to 14 is alkaline.

Our cells, in order to function properly, should have a little alkaline pH, slightly above 7.

For a healthy individual, the pH of the blood is between 7.40 and 7.45.

The blood is constantly regulated not to enter the metabolic acidity.

However, some types of foods acidify the blood and contaminate the body.

Food that assimilates the body:

* Refined sugar and all its derivatives-  These are the worst  foods since they don’t contain any proteins, fats, vitamins or minerals, only refined carbohydrates that damage the pancreas. Its pH value is 2.1 (very acidic).

* Meat (all types)

* Products of animal origin – milk and cheese, cream, yogurt, etc.

* Refined salt

* Refined flour and all its derivatives, such as pasta, cakes, biscuits, etc.

* Bread

* Margarine

* Caffeine

* Alcohol

* Tobacco

* All processed and preserved foods containing preservatives, artificial colors, aromas, stabilizers, etc.

* Antibiotics and generally all medicines


Foods that alkalize:

* All raw vegetables- Some of them is acidic in taste, but when in the body , they change and become alkaline.

* Fruits- For example, the lemon has a very high degree of alkalinity in the body.

* Almonds – They are very alkaline.

* Integral cereals: the only alkalized cereal is the millet. All other cereals are slightly acidic, but the ideal diet should include a certain percentage of acidity. You should eat all kinds of cereals.

* Honey- It has very high alkalinity.

* Chlorophyll – Green plants contain chlorophyll, which is very alkaline.

* Water- Water is very important for producing oxygen. Try to always be well hydrated, drink small sips all day long.

* Exercises- Exercises help maintain alkalization of the body, as they give oxygen to the whole body. The sedentary way of life destroys life.


Chemotherapy does not cure, but exacerbates the acidity of the body

Chemotherapy acidifies the body to the extent it needs to reach the alkaline reserves of the organism, neutralize the acidity by sacrificing minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium) in the bones, teeth, limbs, nails and hair.

For this reason, we notice changes in people receiving chemotherapy, including hair loss.

Other drugs also exacerbate the acidity of the body, and should therefore be avoided as much as possible.


Proper pH ratios

As emphasized, it is absolutely impossible for cancer to appear in a person who eats healthy, drinks plenty of pure water and exercises.

If you want to eat properly, avoid sugary drinks, sweets and fast food.

If you are ill, it is ideal to be 80% alkaline.

If you have cancer, it is advisable to alkalize your body as much as possible. This can be achieved by eating, practicing, avoiding stress and adding chlorophyll.

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