Cleaner Home Equals More Allergies : Keep Pets and Eat the Food You’ve Dropped On the Floor!

Allergies and allergy related health issues, as well as food intolerance are increasingly taking their place in modern society in both children and adults.

Doctors say that this comes as a result of the exaggerated obsession everything to be perfectly clean as well as the overprotective attitude of parents towards their children. In this way they don’t come into contact with certain microbes that are vital for proper functioning of the immune system.

Doctors claim that by the time of 2021 all children will have experienced some kind of a health issue since their birth.  A lot of doctors say that having pets in the home protects the children from getting asthma. A pet is also recommended for children who suffer from dermatitis.

If children grow up in the company of a pet, especially of a dog, they are exposed to bacteria since early age and this is the reason why they develop a strong immune system and are more resistant to allergies and similar health problems.

It is little known that allergies appear as a result of fast food, smoking and mobile phones radiation especially at present time. In the past you had to have genetic predispositions to develop an allergy. Now that’s not the case.

Hygiene is also a factor for causing various diseases, but not just the bad one, the good hygiene can also cause diseases. According to research, people in poor countries don’t suffer from diseases of people in more developed countries.

Namely, in the places where there is parasites exposure because of bad hygiene conditions , diseases can develop, but not allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases. In other hand, in rich countries almost every second person has one of these problems.

This theory explains that sometimes, we don’t need to be afraid of the dirty and let our children play outside because in this way their immune system will become stronger and they won’t become ill very often.

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