A Complete Chrono Diet Menu : 7 days of Chrono Meals

Chrono diet seems to be very popular these days. We are presenting you a complete menu for the whole week.

Day 1 :

Breakfast: Bread ( made from seeds flour)

Lunch: Cabbage and meatballs , fresh salad

Dinner : Mixture of leeks and egg whites and fresh salad

Day 2:

Breakfast : Galette ( crusty cakes) with zucchinis

Lunch: Chicken and zucchini

Dinner: Cajun (seasoned) chicken and fresh salad

Day 3 :

Breakfast: Bacon pancakes

Lunch: Fish brodet (fish stew)

Dinner: Grilled vegetables and white meat or fish and salad

Day 4:

Breakfast: Proja (corn flour, baking powder, sunflower oil, sparkling water and salt) and white meat burger

Lunch: White meat, mushrooms and vegetables and fresh salad

Dinner: Egg omelette from egg whites and leeks and fresh salad

Day 5:

Breakfast: Vegetables omelette, flatbread

Lunch: Chicken and cauliflower puree

Dinner: Green salad with chicken or tuna

Day 6:

Breakfast: Rye pancakes  filled with chicken meat and cheese

Lunch: Pork or beef cutlets and zucchini, fresh salad

Dinner: Hake and salad

Day 7:

Breakfast:  Grains, bacon and youghurt

Lunch: Veal and fresh salad

Dinner: Cucumbers filled with tuna

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