Complete Treatment of Cancer, Leukemia and other Seemingly Incurable Diseases with this Total Cancer Cure Juice Recipe

The so called 6-week “juice fasting” was introduced by a popular Austrian neuropath Rudolf Breuss. He is famous for his life-long dedication to finding an alternative treatment for curing cancer.

In his explanation of this treatment, he claims that over 2000 patients were cured since 1950. Namely, this alternative treatment has cured many types of cancers and tumors such as : brain tumors, advanced liver cancer, terminal ovarian cancer, intestinal cancer, bone and breast cancer and laryngeal cancer.

Also , this treatment helped patients who had radiation burns on their skin as a result of the radiotherapy treatment.

The Breuss diet cured two patients who had stomach cancer.

Olga Marte was diagnosed with stomach and intestinal cancer back in 1950. The doctors recommended her to undergo a surgery. She hesitated to do this and to her luck she met Rudolf Breuss who was paying visit to another patient in her town. Olga was introduced to the alternative treatment and she decided to try the juice fast. Along with another stomach cancer patient named Josef Fond, they completed the Breuss`s treatment successfully.

After 42 days of doing the treatment regularly, the results were positive. Both Olga and Josef managed to pass the tumors with their bowel movements.

The Breuss Cancer Cure

A mentioned previously, this  so called Breuss Cancer Treatment takes  42 days to be completed and it resembles to the Gerson`s diet as it relies on juicing. However, in comparison to the Gerson’s diet, this treatment is much easier to be implemented at home.

Raw juices are abundant in antioxidants and living enzymes  that have been scientifically identified as a vital part of the diet of those who wish to stay healthy and create a defense system against the stressful life we are living and the toxins we are consuming on a daily basis.

You should know that during the fast, all raw vegetables and fruits are consumed in liquid form.  You must use organic products and remove their sediments. The theory behind this is that cancerous cells only thrive on the protein of solid food.

So after 42 days of consuming only teas and juices, the cancer cells will be destroyed without the food protein.

Breuss highlights the fact that the patients should avoid geopathic stress and toxins like fly sprays, camphor, DDT, naphthalene, toilet rim blocks, moth repellents, etc.  In his book he explains that when the house is full of these toxins ,any kind of disease is difficult or impossible to be cured.

Total Cancer Cure Juice Recipe

In order to prepare the juice you will need : celery, carrots, potatoes, radish, and beetroots to provide the essential nutrients that thebody needs.  Along with this juice recipe, Breuss recommends certain herbal teas to boost its cleansing effects.


  • 1 carrot
  • 1 organic celery stick
  • ½ organic potato
  • 1 organic radish
  • 1 organic beet


Juice all the ingredients in a juicer. Pour the juice in a glass and drink slowly over a short period of time.

Make sure to move your bowels regularly in order to avoid toxins backing up in you.  Tumors will release toxins as they die off. Your body will also release toxins during the juice fast from various parts of the body. Since your intestines are likely to come to a standstill on a juice cleanse, including daily enemas may assist in the cleansing process.


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