Why You Should Consider Freezing Your Lemons – The Health Benefits Of Frozen Lemons

Rich in vitamins and other important nutrients, lemons are one of the healthiest fruits we can consume.

They are good for our overall health since they protect us from various diseases and health conditions.

Lemons possess unique compounds which are also known as limonoids. These compounds prevent the development of cancer cells in very effective ways, especially in case of breast cancer.

According to  different studies, lemons have  a strong positive effect on the entire body and therefore, we are advised to consume them regularly.

These are the health benefits of this miraculous fruit:

  • Prevention of asthma
  • Fighting inflammation
  • Detoxification of the kidneys and the liver
  • Immune system boost
  • High blood pressure regulation
  • Elimination of harmful bacteria
  • Treating depression and stress
  • Fighting cancer

But, did you know about the benefits of the lemon’s peel? It turns out that this part is the richest source of vitamins and nutrients. Despite its powerful anti-carcinogenic properties, the lemon peel also  helps in detoxification of the body and protects it from  fungi, bacteria, parasites and worms.

 Next, we will give you a suggestion of how to consume this beneficial fruit- it is simple and delicious : you just need to freeze it! It is perfect for a refreshing cold dessert in the summer days that follow!

Wash the lemons and then put them in the fridge, or to make the process faster, you can first slice them into small pieces and then freeze them.

After they are entirely frozen, grind them, and add them to your smoothie, salad or  dessert. In this way, you will enrich the taste of your food, and will gain numerous health benefits!

It’s important to mention that while there has been enough evidence that helps support the idea that limonoids can improve quality of life and overall health, this  process of lemon freezing is in no way meant to replace traditional medicine. Always check with your doctor before you start any change in diet. After all, they do know your body best!

Source : healthyfoodhouse.com

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