Cuba Has A Lung Cancer Vaccine, And Now It Could Be Coming To The USA

The Cuban vaccine CimaVax that cures lung cancer is getting more and more popular around the world, especially after its application on many patients that showed extraordinary results.

In small number of cases there was appearance of side effects. According to statistics, over 100.000 people are cured without undergoing chemotherapy, x-rays or any surgery.

Countries like Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, India and some countries from the Balkans are already successfully treating part of their patients with the so called Cuban vaccine.

This vaccine has been in the process of development for about 20 years and it is recommended for people suffering from lung cancer in the third or fourth stadium since there is no other treatment at that point.

The Cuban doctor Pedro Camilo Rodrigez, the inventor of this vaccine claims that it slows down the process of cancerous cells spreading and increases life spam of patients up to 5 years.

According to him, patients that went through phase one of immunization , the illness transformed into chronic disease such as the flu.

Results are visible on patients that were vaccinated at least 4 times. After a year of observation of the patients there is an improvement and the disease turns into a chronic one – reported Rodrigez.

Doctors explain that there are accurately determined protocols that need to be followed.

According to these protocols, patients who can use this vaccine are newly diagnosed patients in the third or fourth stadium who don’t have any other alternative or haven’t undergone chemotherapy before.

This vaccine is still tested and studied and that’s the reason why it is still not registered. Doctors are still cautious.

In the countries where this vaccine is used, patients need to sign an appeal that they accept to use this kind of treatment. The use is voluntary.

Since November 2016 after the visit of the ex American president Barack Obama in Cuba, the vaccine is already tested in American laboratories, and maybe this will be the first Cuban product to enter the American market in more than 50 years.

In Cuba this treatment is free. On the other hand, foreigners need to pay for it: the treatment  costs about 10.000 dollars and it lasts for 8 months. The first two injections are injected in the arms and then two more in the leg. The next injection is according to a certain plan and can be done in your own home. The price of the vaccine CimaVax  in Cuba is around 100 dollars.

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