Do Not Throw Away These Bags, When You See What They Can Do, You’ll Always Keep Them!

Do you recognize them from somewhere? They are found in shoe boxes, but what do they contain? It’s silicon dioxide or silica. It turns out these bags can be useful for several things. So next time you buy new shoes, keep them since they can be really practical.

Put them in Your Wardrobe

They will prevent the spread of moisture and the unpleasant smell that goes with it.

Prolong the Life of Your Makeup

Put several of these bags in your makeup case and they will prevent the moisture, so your makeup will lasts longer than usual.

 Restore Your Water-Damaged Phone  

It may sounds strange but silicon dioxide can restore your water damaged phone. What do you need to do? Just put the phone among 4 or 5 bags and they will dry your phone in  a very short time.

Keep Your Workout Gear Dry

Another use of these bags is for keeping your workout gear dry. Because silica absorbs moisture, you should always keep several silica bags in your training bag along with your workout gear, so that you prevent bacteria proliferation. They will also help you get rid of the bad odor and keep your bag nice, dry and clean.


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