Follow this Indian teacher’s advice on how to always be happy!

Paramahansa Yoganda was one of the best guru of the 20th century, who introduced millions of Westerners to the teachings of meditations and yoga during his 30 years stay in the West. His collection of teachings “How to be happy all the time” is one of his most popular books.

The aim of his teachings was to remind people of the meaning of real life happiness which people often forget in their focus on material success and fortune. Here are his essential 9 advice on happiness:

1. Looking for happiness:

Happiness isn’t an object. It’s a state of mind. It’s something you have to live. The real happiness can never be found out of your own being. Looking for happiness out of yourself is like chasing your own shadow.

2. Happiness is a choice: If you want to be sad then no one in this world can make you happy. If you decide to be happy in your own mind then nothing in this world can make you sad and take that happiness away from you.

3. Don’t lose hope: If you’ve lost hope that someday you will be happy, cheer on. If you keep your eyes closed you will never see the sun that burns in your chest. Open up the doors of calmness and you will find in yourself the sun of joy

4. Be happy now: Once you’ve reached happiness in your soul, no one can take it away from you, no matter how long you travel through timelessness and eternity.

5.  Don’t be a slave to your own senses: If you rule your own wishes you can truly be a happy person. You can’t be happy if you surrender without your own will when you want something completely contrary to your own consciousness or if your senses make you do wrong.The solution is to take the strength from the claws of the sense

6. The key lies in the simplicity: That’s not poverty nor richness. To live simple means to walk along the calm path of modesty. The inner happiness is in the balance of two extremes. Those who really love are in peace with themselves and the world that surrounds them and accept everything that happens to them as it is.

7. Spread joy: whenever you feel sad, smile. Don’t get used to sadness. Get used on smiling. There is not a stronger cure for failure and emotional problems than a simple smile.

8. Find inner strength: Life is a constant change. Always be calm and consistent. While you work, be calmly active. One day you’ll figure it out that you are not lead by destiny. Your inner strength comes within you and your motivation won’t depend on external influences.

9. Let it go: Life will bring you lots of ups and downs. If you let your feelings go up and down all the time you will never achieve true calmness. And don’t forget there are no obstacles, there are only chances!

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