Girl Alone Is Cornered By 2 Men, Panic Creeps In Until She Sees Fear In Their Eyes & Turns Around

Student days are the wildest and the most memorable ones. Being a student also means that you can travel the world without having any time limitations.

Geogria Bradley was a student at the Plymouth University in England and as many other students she wanted to travel as much as she could. Her school break was approaching and she was ready for a summer vacation.

She decided to visit one amazing destination in Greece, the Island of Crete.

While strolling down the beach one day, she was approached by two men asking her to join them for drinks. She felt that something wasn’t right. She instantly knew that the whole situation was not friendly or safe at all.

When she refused their offer the men grabbed her arm and got aggressive with her. It seemed like she was living her worst nightmare and unfortunately there was no one near to help her.

Then, out of nowhere a dog jumped in between her and the two men. It was barking angrily at them , bringing attention. The men got scared and ran away.

It was a perfect opportunity for Georgia to run in the opposite direction and ask for help. Unaware of everything around her because of the shock she experienced, she didn’t notice that the dog had followed her:

“She saved me. She must have noticed something was wrong … We had an instant bond.”

The bond became so strong that when it was time to head back to England, the dog came running behind the car as Georgia and her friends left for the airport. It must have felt like she was abandoning a long lost friend.

Georgia couldn’t forget what the dog had done for her that day, so decided to go back to Crete and try to find it.

She found her indeed and succeeded in officially adopting her. She called her Pepper. Now she is her good luck charm and her best friend in the whole world. What an amazing story.

Stories like these, where dogs do an heroic act are not something that has never happened before, but this heartwarming story is extraordinary.

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