How did she manage to lose 36 pounds?

Many people face weight problems. As a result from lack of time and activity, and consuming fast food more often than we should, weight problems seem to be the most common ones.

Some people have never had problems with their weight and when they do eventually in some point in their lives they just can’t get used to exercising and following strict diets.
If you find yourself in this category of people you need to come up with your own rules to stick to – They can help you become fit and slim!

The following story is an example of someone who faced the same weight problem…

Sarah Diarmon hasn’t been happy with the way she looked since she was a little girl because she was too skinny. However, during her college days she gained weight of 91 pounds as a result of her fast food addiction and of course, her lacking of physical activity.
As a result, she started having high blood pressure and she was constantly feeling fatigued. After realizing that her weight influenced her health in a very negative way and that could eventually kill her, she was determined to start doing something to change the situation.

Since she couldn’t make herself stick to a rigorous diet, Sarah started her transformation making 3 rules of her own:
1. ‘The physical activity doesn’t have to be too tiresome’ – She bought herself a static bike, because she knew she will make excuses if the weather is lousy. Running became her habit, and she did this continuously while she was watching TV.
2. Buying food – In order to avoid the temptation of going shopping, you should make a list and stick to it. Avoid buying snacks and sweets, imagine they don’t even exist.
3. A new way of preparing food – Instead of the traditional preparation of greasy meat, make yourself some grilled fish flavored with eggs. The taste is amazing and it will make you feel full.

Sarah’s advice is to start slow and make small steps but to endure the challenges and make it to the end until you’ve reached your goal!
She has reached hers for sure! She achieved her goal of losing 36 pounds!

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