How to release your home from negative energy?

Our home is not just a place for everyday routines like resting, cooking, watching TV. It is a place where we create our life, our habits, thoughts.
It is very important for us to feel comfortable and warm in our home. It should be filled with positive energy, and that’s why we need to follow several rules and rituals that will help us maintain the harmony.

  1. Get rid of old and useless things

The first step in cleaning your home is getting rid of the things you don’t use and cleaning the mess, whereas the second step is for the energy cleaning – the collecting of all of the remains from the negative energy, emotions, events, bad thoughts and stress.
You should know that everything that is happening in the space you live in actually infuses into the walls, the furniture, the object… Sometimes you can simply feel the negative energy in your place of living.
If you feel exhausted or you cannot find some of the things you need at home, that is a sign that it’s time for a spring cleaning in your home.

  1. Follow Feng Shui techniques for decorating your home

The conception of cleanliness according to the philosophy of The Feng Shui implies general ordering- sorting of things so that every piece has its own place, getting rid of useless things and everything that is not functioning, that you don’t like anymore or you don’t use it at all.

  1. Put some music on

One of the ways to clean your home is to put on some loud music.
According to the traditional Chinese beliefs, the noise can chase away certain negative energies. The positive spiritual music with its rhythm and its strong messages can influence the negative energy so that it can make it disappear completely.
This kind of music is not only good for your home, but also for your soul since it awakens good thoughts and emotions.

  1. Clean the exterior

The next step in releasing the negative energy is taking care of your garden or balcony.
This is the perfect time to decorate them with colorful flowers and to make it your kind of a small heaven on Earth.
This could be the place where you enjoy your friend’s company while drinking a glass of wine.

  1. Plant some herbs

Pick different kinds of herbs which are always the soul of fortune and well-being.
Avoid planting cactus and dry flowers because they symbolize dead energy.
The bamboo is an excellent plant that attracts fortune and happiness in your home.

  1. Start some new healthy habits

Most of the people have the habit of putting on their pyjamas and staying all night in front of the TV after they come home from work. Try to avoid this routine. It will affect you and your mental health negatively. After some time you’ll feel like you don’t belong in that place, you’ll feel tired and depressed.
Feed yourself in a healthy way, light some candles, clean your home and send some positive thoughts to your life.

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