Are You Meant To Be Rich? Numerology Reveals: It Depends On Your Name !

Are you meant to be rich? Some people need to work a lot while others don’t even have to move their finger to get a lot of money. Have you asked yourself why it is like this?

According to numerology, you can calculate the numbers for each of the letters of your name and find out if you will be rich or not.

numerology - rich

So , how do you find your number?

If your name is Jane you do this: J =1 + A=1+N= 5+ E =5

1+1+5+5= 12


You go on with counting until you get 1 number.


Number 1
Number one always wants to be first. They try to perfectly finish their tasks because they are aware this is what they need to do in order to gain self-respect. They never rely on other people and don’t ask for help. Usually they earn good money, but they will never be millionaires. They are more interested in their work than in gaining some kind of capital.


Number 2
These people always have a partner by their side who helps them with different ways of gaining money. Usually their partner is the one that supports them, employs them or makes sure they get the right conditions to realize their work potential.  These people mostly show their capabilities when they work in groups or teams. In this way they can earn most and also prosper.


Number 3


These people are perhaps the ones that love money the most, but they have a difficult time in earning them. If they succeed in connecting their business with their need for fun, then they’ll never lack money. Because of their lack of talent for a certain job they most often have not so secure earnings. Their main characteristic is their creativity.


Number 4


These people never get something easy in their life. They always have to struggle if they want to gain something. They also need to invest a lot of hard work for every and each of their successes and give up fun because of their hard working. You can often hear them refusing jobs they want because there isn’t good earnings. However, this commitment will not always get them material security and tranquility. These people are great workers.


Number 5
These people are laid-back and their biggest earning awaits them on a trip or abroad. They are very flexible people who are very intuitive. They also have an ability not to spend too much money. Because of their flexibility they are prepared to work anything at all and they will never be poor.


Number 6
These people need people who share their opinions and who can connect well with. Their biggest success can be achieved through a family business. The more they give the more they have. If they don’t succeed to be employed in the community it is very possible to spend their whole life in poverty.


Number 7
These people are trying to find the most rational way of realizing their potentials. They can make solid money in a very wicked way: in revealing other people’s secrets. They can sacrifice money just to get what they want .If they are lucky enough to have money in abundance and not worry about finances thus committing themselves to the things they love, then they’ll be the happiest people on the planet.


Number 8
For them the most important thing is to be well paid about the job they do. They never do anything on a voluntary basis, because the professions that are not well paid are not of their interest at all. Not only are they capable of earning money on their own, they are also capable on making the income double. One of their main characteristics is that  they know where they can invest some money.


Number 9
These people are looking for a job that will get them a fast, easy and big profit. They are in a complicated relationship with money. Their main characteristic is their impatience. That is their biggest flaw and a big drawback in their work and earning money. If they realize that their hard work doesn’t have to pay off immediately, they have a big chance of getting rich.


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