Medical phenomenon: She stopped aging after the age of 30 thanks to one ingredient

Wouldn’t be nice if you don’t need to worry about aging? Your skin is spotless and there are no signs of wrinkles on your face? Believe it or not, there are women who know a magic formula and don’t seem to age at all. Pamela Jacobs is one of them.

She is 53 years old, but she looks 20 years younger. This young looking British woman attracted a lot of the world’s attention with her attractive looks and fit body.

Many times she was accused of lying about her age. Two years ago when she had a car accident, the nurse couldn’t believe that Pamela is in her 60’s.

Pamela says that what bothers her the most is that people often think that she is the girlfriend to her 22 year old son.

A lot of younger men try to seduce her but she likes older men. Also, there were many cases where people misunderstood her for a student. There was a case when she was buying a ticket for London, and she was offered a special student discount.

Pamela discovers that the secret for her youthful look is a mixture of good genes, healthy diet, exercising and COCONUT OIL.

“I am a big fan of coconut oil. My mother used it for hair and skin care when I was younger and she passed this beauty routine on me. I use organic coconut oil for cooking, in my coffee, for removing make-up, for hair treatments and as a body lotion twice a day” – says Pamela.

When it comes to her diet she avoids consuming bread and pastries. “I follow the rule 80/20 – It means that I consume 80 % healthy foods and 20% sweet and tasty treats like chocolate, alcohol and pudding .

“I believe that the secret of being forever young is to smile every day” – says Pamela who will celebrate her 55th birthday this year.

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