A Month Before Your Stroke, The Body Will Send You A Warning – Do Not Ignore Them

It is very important to identify the stroke alerts and get medical help to reduce the risk of serious brain damage. This can help reduce the risk of death or disability and increase your chances of recovery.

Medical experts say that the signs and symptoms can vary from one person to another depending on the type of stroke and the part of the brain that is suitable and the extent of the damage, but all of them tend to appear at once.

The body warns you before you experience a stroke.

What are the symptoms of stroke?

– stiffness, weakness or obstruction of the face, hands, or feet, especially if one side of the body is involved;

– distortion of speech: incomprehensible and difficult word pronunciation, complete inability to pronounce words and / or aggravate, or completely misunderstanding the other person’s speech;

– sudden blurring or loss of vision, especially of one eye

– a sudden onset of severe headache followed by vomiting without a clear cause;

– loss of balance and / or co-ordination associated with other symptoms;

– hot flashes, uncertainty, sudden falls associated with other symptoms.

Be aware of these symptoms and seek medical assistance on time!

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