Nabeez – An Ancient Drink That Helps Alkalize and Detox the Body!  


Nabeez drink recently attracted a lot of attention over the Internet because of its nutritious and healing benefits. It is said that it was the favorite drink of the Prophet Muhammad.  In his time, it was typically made with dates or raisins and water. This drink was originally used for Ramazan, for energy boost, but you can consume it for the many health benefits it offers.

Although it’s gaining its popularity now, this drink has been used since ancient times. People used to steep grapes early in the morning and drink raisins tonic in the evening. They steeped grapes and raisins only in vessels made of animal skin. They didn’t use earthen jars because in that way vinegar was produced.

Nabeez Health Benefits

Nabeez is an alkalizing tonic that has the ability to eliminate acidity from the stomach and digestive system.

It is also very helpful in removing metabolic wastes out of your body. Its ingredients have high amount of soluble fiber so digestion is improved.

If you consume this drink you will also get other health benefits such as: improved spleen function, throat and chest function, liver and prostate. Nabeez will improve your memory and help patients suffering from Arthritis and elevated levels of gout.

Nabeez Recipe

Note: Use either dates or raisins. Never use them in combination.

  • Take 6-7 dates or a handful of raisins.
  • You will need 6 to 8 oz of water.
  • Next, take the raisins or dates, remove their seeds, grind them and put them in the water. (Removing the seeds and grinding is optional)
  • Let it soak overnight. Make sure to store them at a room temperature.
  • Remove the raisins or dates out of the water and and drink.
  • Don’t leave it to soak more that 2 or 3 days because this might cause the process of alcohol brewing. You can serve Nabeez to guests instead of tea.

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