Pick A Symbol And Discover Your Destiny Message

Look at this picture and pick the symbol that attracts your attention the most. It’s very important to hear your instinct for doing this. After you do this, read your destiny message.

Symbol number 1:

It’s time to relax and trust the Universe. Instead of trying to fight against what is happening to you at this moment, just go a step backwards and let yourself go with the flow. You must stop doing things in your imagined way and embrace the present moment. Your next step will be revealed to you after you calm down and focus on your real goals. Meditate and let your inner peace lead you in order to avoid taking any kind of sudden decisions.

Symbol number 2:

Limits are not a bad thing if you put them consciously and with a certain aim. It’s time you put some limits. When you do this your life will get its right shape. You must focus on taking responsibilities for things that don’t go according to the plan and stop wasting your time and energy on people and situations that are not of any use for your goals. Look around you and see what you’ve got. Although it may sound terrifying ,for now this will be your biggest ally. This period is also an ideal time for you to make a thorough cleaning of the house and getting rid of all of the mess that surrounds you.

Symbol number 3:

You are on the right track. Although things may be unclear sometimes, this message tells you that everything will be ok. You already follow your best way and even though you have a lot of questions, the universe asserts you that you are guided and taken care of. You must believe that everything will be perfect and in harmony. There’s no need of worrying for your future or past. Just stay present in every moment and watch how magic happens in your life. If you have to make a big decision and you have doubts, the answer will be delivered to you through messages.

Symbol number 4:

It’s time for you to release the past. You are too stuck in what happened and don’t take any notice of what IS happening right now. Although it is important to grieve and take time for healing, there is no use in the constant reminding of the same old stories. Leave the past where it is and enjoy the present. If you want to change your future the only way you can do that is to change your consciousness in the present moment. In order to release the past try to write down what bothers you on a piece of paper or simply confide in your best friend or relative. Give yourself a chance to feel old emotions again and then let them go. Until you do this you won’t be able to move on.

Symbol number 5:

Things are moving fast and it’s time to set new goals and plans. Life passes by with a great speed and it seems like things are finally getting their strength , so now it is an ideal time for you to set some new goals for a new chapter of your life,

Start by focusing on what your heart craves for. Write down the things that make you happy and focus on them. Although the results may not be visible immediately, your thoughts will be like a boomerang :send them directly to the universe. While you are waiting for them to return keep up with the positive thoughts and intentions. The Universe’s message is clear: Set your goals and you will be delivered the things you want,

Symbol number 6:

You are too focused on the exterior, not seeing what is happening inside. You can find the answer to all of your questions deep in your heart , but as long as you calm down your mind it’s impossible to hear them! Your head is full of mess and your mind is in a confused state, that is why you need to clear your thoughts and look inside you. Meditate, go for a walk and calm your mind. It’s time to coordinate with the Universe, and the only way to do that is to focus on the inside. Follow your thoughts ,but try not to judge them, get back to your core and be aware of your ego.

Symbol number 7:

You’ve worked hard and now it’s time for play, rest and relax time. Devote yourself some time, enjoy and wake up the child in you. Do something spontaneous , plan an adventure or a trip to a foreign country. You have a lot to learn about. Don’t feel guilty. Award your body with healthy organic food, your mind with fun stimulations and your heart with joyful meetings with your friends and family. Don’t forget the power of laughing. No matter how your situation looks on the outside, don’t forget to find joy in everything that can do the world a better place for living for you as well as for the others.

Symbol number 8:

It’s time to bond with the people around you, with yourself and nature. You are not alone – You are a part of a big net in the Universe and you must remember that everything, every plant, animal or something else is connected with this higher force. You can feel this and sometimes you can see it, but now it’s time to include it in your routine.

Take off the mask you are wearing and let yourself make a true bond with the others. Start with yourself and then explore around you. Connect with the plants, the animals and then you’ll finally be prepared to bond with other people. If you have relationship or job problems perhaps you need to bond deeper. Try to look on things from their point of view. Get out of your ego and ask yourself: How can I connect with this situation so that I can get the best of it?

Symbol number 9:

This is a sign from the universe that you’ve done everything you had to do and now you can just relax and enjoy the fruits from your hard work. The Universe wants to thank you for the fact that you’ve always been what you really are and for spreading the thoughts of awareness to others. You are a true spiritual teacher who has lead many ,so now it’s your turn to receive the gift that is meant for you. Of course this is not something material, but something much better than that. It is the gift of knowledge that life is beautiful and that everything that exists is here to enable you to grow and learn and feel love. Recently you have worked a lot on your awareness and growth and now it’s time to move on. Help a friend in need, plant a tree and tell the world your lessons in order to spread awareness.




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