This is the most poisonous food and we all CONSUME IT IN LARGE AMOUNTS!

Food can heal and food can cause many diseases. One of the foods that are only harmful for our health is chips. It is a big sensation in the food industry. However, many American media labelled it as the most poisonous food in the world.

Billions of people consume it in abnormal amount.

We are all aware that chips is not healthy, but none of us is aware of the fact that it is a very toxic food that we need to exclude completely from our diet.

Experts warn that we need to stop eating this cancerous food once and for all.

A lot of people are convinced that chips is made from potatoes, but according to American media this is far from the truth. Ingredients like rice, corn and potatoes flakes are mixed in the first phase of its production. Then this mixture is shaped into oval shapes, it is fried in oil and it dries.

In the last phase of production, taste boosters are added, and these boosters are toxic. Although all of the ingredients are GMO , one of the most dangerous ingredients is not created in the process of the chips production, but it is a side effect from the procession. This ingredient is known as Acrylamide.  It is a very dangerous and cancerous substance known to cause cancer in animals. This substance is present in chips in amounts higher than allowed.

So, next time you want to buy chips, think of the consequences it can have on your health. There are always better and healthier options for snacks.

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