Pour Hot Water on Your Apples and See If This Common Cancer-Causing Wax Appears

We all know the fact that consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is good for our health and it can protect us from various diseases. Unfortunately, many of the fruits we consume are covered in wax made from some very harmful ingredients. Namely, this wax is made of the same ingredient that the motor oil is produced.

Fruit Wax Coverings

In order to preserve the fruits for as long as possible, most fruit manufacturers cover their fruits in a coating of wax. First they remove the natural wax that originally covers the fruit through washing. After doing this the fruits are covered in a petroleum-based wax. Most often apples and oranges go through this process.

Manufacturers claim that they use wax to prevent fungus and bacteria from building up on fruits. However, it is a fact that the wax is used to add colors and give fruits more attractive appearance.

Fruit Wax Ingredients

Many types of waxes contain allergens such as dairy, soy and gluten. Moreover they contain fungicides and preservatives. In some cases they contain artificial coloring and dyes which are used to improve the appearance of the wax.

How to Avoid Harmful Fruit Wax

You can certainly avoid these harmful ingredients by using fruits that have organic wax coatings (made of natural ingredients: beeswax, wood resin and carnauba wax, which is made from the leaves of the palm tree). They also contain no artificial preservatives, petroleum-based ingredients or fungicides.

Some brand-name fruit wax coatings that don’t contain harmful ingredients include: Tal-Prolong, Syncera and Semper Fresh.

We recommend you buy your fruit from the farmer’s market as these fruits don’t have any preservatives added to it.

Source: www.healthandhomeremedies.com

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