Remove All Toxins From the Body in 3 Days: A Method That Prevents Cancer and Removes Excess Water!

We are all aware of the negative influence processed food has on our health. However, not everyone takes this seriously and even though their bodies send signals for an urgent detoxification because of all accumulated toxins, people ignore them. These are the most common signs that our bodies give us when they’re in need of a detox:

  • Bad breath  – a sign that the liver tries to eliminate the toxins on its own
  • Sensitivity to scents
  • Muscle pain
  • Skin problems: acnes or rashes
  • Constant fatigue (it also may be a result of some hormone disruptors)
  • Constant weight gain
  • Constipation (accompanied with tiredness, pain, and)

We present you a 3-day detox method that will help you lower unhealthy cravings and detoxify your body.

  • Eliminate all the dairy products from your everyday diet 2 days before you start this method. Dairy products are difficult for digestion. Moreover, they make it hard for lungs to be cleaned from all the harmful waste that’s in them.


  • Constipation is usually a result of intestines full of harmful toxins. This treatment cleans the intestines and so prevents constipation. So, one night before you start the treatment, drink one cup of herbal laxative tea.


  • The next morning, drink 1 glass of lemon water : it is a mix of ½ cup of water and lemon juice . Lemon water can act as extremely powerful alkaline agent that improves the regenerative process in the lungs.


  • As soon as you have your breakfast, drink grapefruit or pineapple juice and 1.5 cups of water. Both  of these juices are a rich source of antioxidants that promote the function of the digestive tract.


  • The next step is to drink 1 cup of carrot juice before lunch. Carrots are a high source of beta-carotene, that increases the amount of vitamin A in the body.


  • Then, prepare a beverage which is rich in potassium by juicing sea greens, celery, carrots, spinach, and parsley. When consumed in liquid form, potassium supports Drink 1.5 cups of it.


  • An hour before you have dinner, drink 1 cup of Noni juice (Noni juice is derived from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree indigenous to Southeast Asia and Australasia), because it acts as potent mucus-cleansing tool and improves the function of the respiratory tract.


  • Before going to sleep, drink 340 ml of fresh cranberry juice. This juice is a powerful antioxidant that will destroy bacteria in the lungs and purify the urine.


  • Repeat the same procedure in the following 2 days.

This easy 3-day cleansing treatment will remove toxic waste, fat, harmful toxins and it will detoxify the whole body.


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