Say Goodbye To Back Pain! Here’s How To Get Rid Of Back Pain In Natural Way! Successful In 95% Of Cases!

It has been discovered that even 80% of the population experiences lower back pain. This type of pain is thought to be the most common reason why people ask for absence from work.


Low back pain is also known as lumbago or witch stab. In most of the cases it is sudden and really painful. The pain is often caused by the degenerative changes which are result of the transition between one part of the spine to another.


There is a certain group of people who are at highest risk of developing low back pain. These are:

  • Older people who experience low back pain due to their age
  • People who work physical job in adverse posture
  • People with anomalies of the spine, who had undergone surgery or injuries of the spine
  • People who suffer from osteoporosis


There has been a research on the plant known as comfrey, plant that grows near water or wet meadows and fields. The plant itself has a beet-like root and hairy leaves which have been long used by herbalists.

The previous studies have shown that comfrey is effective in treating many types of pain, and that it works great in gel form against osteoarthritis and dislocation of joints.

This particular research was done in a period of 5 days and 120 participants with lower back pain were included. The study was conducted by scientists from the German Sports University in Bonn, It showed that the extract of its root is extremely effective in reducing acute pain.

Note: Don’t take comfrey in the form of supplement as it may be toxic to the liver.


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