She’s Got A Terrible Sunburn, But It Disappears After She Applies Just 2 Simple Ingredients. Wow!

The summer is about to begin, or it might be always summer at the place where you live. This means that you may have started preparing for your long awaited summer vacation.

As the climate changes, and the sun rays become more harmful for our skin than ever before, we must warn you to take better care about your skin if you plan on exposing yourself in the sun.

Sunburns are annoying and painful and they can harm our health in the long run.

In case you are exposed to sun for a long period of time then you will definitely get sunburn. However, if you get the right treatment, the negative effects of sunburn will be minimized. The main problem is that most of us  don’t know what exactly we should do in case of sunburns.

Fortunately, there is an easy and simple do-it-yourself sunburn remedy that consists of two ingredients. All you need is a simple spray bottle and lavender oil, peppermint oil and water. Mix these natural ingredients and use the spray bottle to spray the solution directly on the problematic areas.

You will be able to ease the pain and accelerate the healing process thanks to these two essential oils.

This mixture offers even better results than Aloe Vera gels and commercial sunburn kits. If you want to experience the best effects, use it in the first 24 hours after you notice the sunburns.

How to prepare this mixture:


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