Take A Good Look At Your Hands: Do You Have A Bump Like This? Can It Be Dangerous??

Very often people tend to ignore this appearance thinking that it’s a dead bone, not asking themselves when this actually happened and why? The medical name of this appearance is a hygroma cyst or hygroma on the hand.

What is the hygroma?

It is a bengin formation, or a cyst that has a rounded shape. It is filled with fluid content and sometimes a small amount of fibrin protein and mucus.

The dimensions of the hygroma may vary from 1 to 5 centimeters. It all depends on its development.

Where it usually apears?

It occurs in the wrist joint in most cases. However, it can also be located on the surface on the palm, in the center or slightly displaced towards the base of the thumb although this is rare. Occasionally it occurs on the back of the fingers in the area of ​​the knuckle or distal phalanx.

In most cases, such a tumor occurs in the wrist joint. It should be noted that in this hygroma brush can be both very compact and relatively soft to the touch.

What are the reason for its appearance?

The causes are not always easy to be determined, but you must be aware of all options:

  • Weak bones and osteoporosis disposition
  • Injury or irregular recovery
  • Inflammation of joint tissues
  • Long and repetitive hand movements (people who work with computers or musicians)

Symptoms that must not be ignored:

  • Difficulties in finger or joint movements
  • The skin around the cyst is red or it flakes
  • Increased or decreased sensitivity of the skin around the cyst
  • Nerve pressure around the cyst


Even if you consider that there is no need of medical check, because you’ve had it for years, visit your doctor.

It seems like an insignificant dead bone, but there is a risk to develop into a malign tumor.

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