The Terrifying Disease That Scares People More Than Cancer

Cancer causes a great fear among people around the world. There are many forms in which it occurs, but for now, a dark shadow prevails in the thoughts of people across Europe.

The disease from which people in the world are afraid even more than a cancer is dementia.

Cancer is a terrifying disease, but medicine has advanced through the years and now the survival prospects of the sick are in many cases increased. Operations and treatments are available and radiation therapy has been developed. In dementia this is not the case. Progression varies, and the consequences are very distressing both for the patient and for his loved ones.

Dementia usually affects people around the age of 65, and the most common causes for its occurrence is the lifestyle, diet, physical activity, and the genetic factor. It can also occur after head injury or stroke.

One of its forms is Alzheimer’s disease, although it manifests itself in different ways,  or more precicely over 100 various ways of manifestation. People who get this disease become lost, forget how to talk, forget their identity, and forget to perform some basic things like going to the toilet.

The number of people with dementia is terrifying: Even one in six old people suffers from dementia.

People  are especially afraid because of the fact modern medicine can only slow down the progression of this disease. The person with such a disease  will have a terrible life experience in the years to follow BECAUSE THERE IS NO CURE.

Especially in the later stage of the disease, people with dementia may become disoriented in time (not knowing which day of the week, day of the month, or even year), disoriented in  place (if they do not know where they are) and  disoriented in  their personality (they do not know anything about themselves or the people around them). Although it can sometimes be cured to some extent, the causes of dementia are progressive and incurable.

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