These 10 Vegetarian Foods Contain More Iron Than Meat

Iron is the most essential nutrient that vegans and vegetarians should consume through their diet. The recommended amount of iron intake for adults is 8 to 27 mg. The lowest amount is enough for adult men while older women and pregnant women need more of it.

Traditionally meat was thought to be the main source of iron. However, people who don’t consume meat like vegetarians, need to find other food alternatives that are rich source of iron. There are plenty vegetables and fruits that can offer the recommended dose of iron daily. These foods are tasty and easy to prepare.

  1. Spinach

This dark green vegetable is extremely rich in iron. Did you know the fact that 3 cups of spinach contains 18mg of iron? Yes, a spinach salad or any other meal that contains spinach will give you the needed daily amount of iron.

  1. Broccoli

Broccoli may not be the most favorite food to many people, but it is extremely healthy and a great source of many nutrients like vitamin K and magnesium, vitamin C and iron.

  1. Lentils

A cup of lentils will provide your body with more iron than an 8 oz steak! Lentils are rich in protein, potassium and dietary fiber.  You can make a lentils salad or a tasty soup.

  1. Kale

There is 3.6 mg of iron in 3 cups of kale. Because of his high content of iron, kale is very good option for fighting anemia and fatigue. It’s best when consumed raw in salads or in burgers, but you can also add it in a soup.

  1. Baked Potato

One baked potato will supply your body with 3 times more iron than a 3 oz chicken serving. You can combine it with Greek yoghurt, steamed broccoli or melted cheese.

  1. Sesame Seeds

1 tbsp. of sesame seeds contains 1.3 mg of iron. You can easily add sesame seeds into your daily diet. Just sprinkle some sesame seeds over your salad or you can mix them in a sauce or dressing.

  1. Cashews

Cashews are recommended for vegetarians because they have a high content of protein like all other nuts. Moreover, cashews have one extra benefit: they are a rich source of iron. There are 2g of iron in ¼ cup of cashews.

  1. Soybeans

Soybeans as well cashews are a great source of protein and iron. There is 8mg of iron in 1 cup of cooked soybeans.

  1. Dark Chocolate

A tasty treat that has many health benefits: it promotes healthier skin and teeth. Dark chocolate also reduces anxiety and boosts iron intake. 1 oz of it contains 2 mg of iron, that is even more than 1 oz of beef.

 10. Tofu

Tofu can be incorporated in various recipes and at the same time you can enjoy the health benefits it offers. ½ cup of tofu is going to supply your body with 3 mg of iron.


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