These Herbs Will Remove All The Negativity From Your Home And Purify The Air!

Energy cleaning of the home is an eastern routine which removes the negativity of your living space. It includes burning of aromatic herbs such as sage and incense. According to information gathered from over 50 countries on 5 continents, this routine can certainly improves the quality of the air.

The scientific work known as ,,Therapeutic Smokers’’ claims that the smoke which is caused by the herbs burning can improve the function of the lungs, brain and skin as well as to clean the air.

We’ve carried out a simple treatment with medicinal smoke that came out of the combination of burning tree and herbs, so we noticed a decrease of 94% of the bacteria in the air. The clean air was maintained even 24 hours after the process of burning in a closed room’’ was written in the study. Some of the harmful bacteria weren’t present even one month after the treatment.

Experts claim that the quality of the air is decreased on a daily  basis and there can be found up to  1.800 different kinds of bacteria. The usual methods for cleaning the space very often include harmful chemicals which can have a negative impact on our health, so it’s logical to seek solution in the nature itself.

How to burn sage in your home?

You can simply buy some teabags from dried leaves of sage from healthy food stores, It is enough to just burn a small amount of sage, and when t starts to smoke go through the whole house in order to perform the energy cleaning of your home.

Tips: Have in mind that you should do this after preparing your house for the process. First you can clean the dirt and dust from the usual places.

The process of energy cleaning should usually take place in the morning or in the afternoon with open windows. After you finish the process it is recommended to take a shower.

So, why not and try it? However, be careful with the process of burning and take all measures of precaution.

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