Shiny, strong, healthy white teeth is the ultimate dental goal. There are many expensive teeth products on the market that promise long-term results in terms of whiteness, preventing cavity and maintaining our teeth healthy. Unfortunately, in most of the cases there aren’t any results at all.

In some cultures, dental health is not a problem at all, since people learned how to maintain their teeth healthy using the right ingredients. An instance for this are the Tibetan monks who are not only known for their longevity, but also for their excellent dental health. In ancient times, since they live in the high mountains they have never heard of a dentist and they still managed to maintain their teeth white until their old age.

What’s their secret?

Тhey use a simple ingredient that can be found in every household, sea salt.

A tablespoon of sea salt is added in half cup of boiled and then cooled water.

You should stir energetically with a spoon for one minute and then remove the foam that is formed. Grasp a few foamy crystals and brush your teeth as usual.

Do this in the morning and evening as you do it every day, but not after eating fruits.

In the end of the procedure rinse your teeth with the same water from the glass. The teeth will become very white and the gums will get a nice pink color.

Don’t worry if you feel a little discomfort in the beginning – the salt water makes the teeth sensitive to cold, hot, sweet and sour. However, the salt paste will kill pathogenic bacteria and strengthen the teeth enamel.

Source: finelivingadvice.com

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