What is really necessary for a happy life?

According to data collected in the British Office for National Statistics in measuring welfare in 2016, it was discovered that people in marriage are more likely to be satisfied with their life, while the lowest life satisfaction by those who are separated or divorced.

You might thing that marriage brings with it things like having sex only once in a month, quarrels over dishes and boring weekends at home, but according to this research, things are very different than we have thought so far.

In fact, 34% of the respondents who were married rated their life satisfaction with 9 or 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, compared with 28.9% of those who only live with their partner (not being married) or who are widowed.
On the other hand, 19.5% of separated or divorced people feel they have high life satisfaction, even less than 21.9% of single respondents who reported great satisfaction in their lives.

The statistics also shows that the number of people who are together with a person who they can rely on decreased from 86.4% to 84% in just 3 years, i.e from 2011 to 2014.

On the other hand, only 2.8% of people who were married reported low life satisfaction, compared with 10% of the divorced ones. Happiness, however, increased in the areas of health, finance and leisure time in those who are not married. But according to a similar study from Harvard, it was discovered that the most important indicators of a good life are of neither economic, nor social nature, but based on the strength of our personal relationship.

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