You’ve Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong This Entire Time

Do you think you are brushing your teeth the right way? The right manner of brushing the teeth was explained to us when we were children. Also our dentist give us tips on how to do it right. However, for different reasons and very often we just rush to do this procedure, not taking into consideration that this is not the most efficient way.

Do you brush your teeth in the back and forth motion or in circles?

Forget about these options. The best technique to brush your teeth is the Modified Bass method. When you first hear the name  it sounds like a music genre, but the fact is that it does wonders for you oral health.

So what are the steps of doing this technique? First,  position the toothbrush straight at the gum-line and start making circular motions to slacken the plaque buildup in this area and under the gums. Then, slowly sweep your toothbrush away from your gums and the debris will be gone.

For more visual description watch the video below:

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