10 Vitamins Every Woman Should Take To Avoid Any Serious Health Problems

Women are always the ones who take more care of their health and are more concerned about the way they look in comparison to men. To accomplish this they try to lead healthy lifestyle and exercise as much as they can.
Except for consuming healthy foods that contain various vitamins and nutrients, there are also numerous supplements which contain essential minerals and vitamins that women take. Whether they are for healthy skin and hair or for preventing osteoporosis , women are obsessed with these supplements and spend tons of money on buying them.

These are 10 vitamins that every women should intake regularly for preventing any possible health problems:

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy bones, teeth, skin, tissues and mucous membranes. This vitamin is able to lower the risk of some serious diseases. If you want to consume it naturally eat more pumpkins, red peppers, papaya, broccoli, apricots or spinach.
Vitamin B2
Also known as riboflavin, B2 is very important for proper metabolism as well as physical and mental development. It stimulates the immune system and increases energy levels. Vitamin B2 is especially helpful against stress, fatigue and anxiety. You can intake vitamin B2 by eating these foods: soybeans, grains, eggs, organic meat, mushrooms, fish, nuts mils, almonds and vegetables.
Vitamin B6
This vitamin is also known as pyridoxine and helps your body in the production of hormones and boosting the immune system. It helps your body maintain normal blood sugar levels and prevents health issues like memory loss, heart diseases, depression etc. It is mostly found in avocado, bananas, oatmeal, beans, fish, meat, seeds, fortified cereal and dry fruits.
Vitamin B7
Biotin or B7 is essential for normal cellular growth and synthesis of fatty acids. It promotes healthy hair, cells, skin and sweat glands. B7 regulates the cholesterol levels and it is very important for the bones and bone marrow. Some of the symptoms you may lack this vitamin are : brittle hair, anemia, skin rashes, abnormal heart rhythm and depression. If you want to intake more vitamin B7 eat more: green leafy vegetables, lentils, almonds, cheese, eggs ,fish, milk, sweet potatoes, yellow fruits, soybeans, brown rice and yogurt.
Vitamin B9
Folic acid or B9 is mostly prescribed by doctors for people who have problems with their blood pressure. This vitamin is good for promoting the health of the brain and good function of the cells. It prevents memory loss, depression and cancer. Lack of B9 in babies’ bodies can lead to developmental problems. Foods that are rich in this vitamin are: orange juice, melons, legumes, asparagus, yeast, dark leafy vegetables and fortified cereal.
Vitamin B12
B12 is important for proper cell division and protein synthesis and fast metabolism. It can treat various types of neurological problems such as depression. B12 is essential for proper brain function. Fish, dairy products, cheese and fortified cereal are rich in vitamin B12.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C is good for our overall health and improving our immune system. It prevents numerous infections and diseases. It is mostly found in tomatoes, potatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries, sprouts, peppers.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which is very important for calcium absorption. It promotes healthy bones and good eyesight. Most of the vitamin D we absorb is through our skin from the sun. Vitamin D is mostly found in dairy products, fish, fatty fish and animal liver.
Vitamin E
If you want to delay the aging process you need to take more vitamin E. We also need this vitamin to have a healthy heart, hair and skin. It can be found in margarine, cauliflower, almonds, hazelnuts etc.
Vitamin K
Vitamin K is important for healthy bones and proper blood clotting. It boosts the immune system and energy levels. If you want more vitamin K consume more soybean oil, fish oil, whole grains and green leafy veggies.
According to experts , if we want a well nourished bodies we should eat 5 servings of vegetables and fruit every day. They will supply our bodies with all the important vitamins and minerals. In case if you lack some of them, take a vitamin supplement prescribed by your doctor.



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