13 Things That Happen to You When Your Heart is Broken

A heartbreak is something everyone of us has experienced at some point of our lives. It is a normal process that is usually seen as a chance to grow and become stronger. However we need to be careful with people and pay attention to those we are letting in our lives.

Not only has the heartbreak many effects on our emotional and mental well-being it also has effects on our physical health as well. Perhaps you are familiar with this if you have ever been through a heartbreak in your life.

In addition you will find a list of things a heartbreak can do to you. No matter how bad they are they all leave you feeling quite miserable, so be careful with your heart.

13 Things That Happen to You When Your Heart is Broken:

You Question Everything

You will probably go through a long time of questioning yourself if you could have done something to prevent things from happening the way they did. It’s normal since this is one of the many ways of grieving. However, don’t let yourself carried away with self-questioning.

You Feel Actual Pain

Experiencing physical pain might sound dramatic, but this actually happens, especially pain in the chest and other parts of your body. In fact, your brain recognizes intense emotional pain and believes that you are in physical pain because of it.

You Get Cramps

Your body will become more aware of aches and pains than normal. This is because your emotional pain is at such a high level, however, this is something that will pass in time.

You Might Even Get Sick

Being heartbroken can even make you vulnerable to viruses by affecting your immune system. So if you go through a heartbreak, try to lead healthier lifestyle: eat healthy foods and drink lots of water in order to strengthen your immune system.

You Might Lose Some Hair

If you are over stressed your hair may also get affected and you may notice some hair loss. Our bodies react differently, so this may be one of the ways your body reacts.

Your Period is Delayed

Your emotions are all kinds of messed up and this can affect everything. Your body’s biological clock will be extremely out of whack. When this happens relaxing is the most important thing you can do.

You Get Lonely

You will get this feeling of loneliness no matter where you are or who you are with. You can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely and that something is missing. All in all, the end of a romantic relationship is hard and it takes time to get used to the fact that you are no longer with that person anymore.

Your Eating Habits Change

There are two possible options: either you lose weight by simply losing your appetite, or you gain weight by embracing fast food and all type of food that comes in front of your eyes. Try to eat balanced and you won’t have any problems.

You Become Depressed

Feelings of overall numbness and sadness are usual for the period of heartbreak. You will feel like your whole world has changed.

You Develop Mixed Thoughts

You become confused on the inside. I for one seem to misplace things a lot more often when I am overly upset. The more worked up I get the more confusion that comes.

Your Heart Slows

It may sound strange, but when people go through a heartbreak, heart muscles can literally become weaker. If you feel intense chest pain, it’s not a bad idea to visit your doctor.

Your Sleeping Patterns Change

Some people cannot fall asleep while others can’t wake up. From my personal experience, when I’m heartbroken , I am unable to sleep but when I finally fall asleep I can’t get enough sleep.

You Become More Sensitive

This is absolutely normal and I believe everyone becomes more sensitive in this period. In fact, you are like a ticking time bomb, even the smallest thing can set you off. You just don’t react to things the same. This is because of the emotional buildup.

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