7 Truths About Bras That Almost Nobody Talks About


According to traditional thinking bras’ basic function is to hold the breasts in place as well as prevent premature breasts sagging. Bras are also supposed to make women feel more comfortable, especially women who have larger breasts. However, according to many studies ‘’medically, physiologically, and anatomically, the breasts gain nothing from being denied gravity.’’

So, what are the disadvantages and negative effects of wearing a bra? There are a lot of opinions about this such as:

  • Bras are bad for blood circulation
  • Bras don’t help in lowering back pain.
  • The development of supporting breast tissue is stopped
  • Bras stop the process of collagen production and elasticity in breasts.
  • Women who experience pain when wearing bras are twice as likely to  develop  breast cancer
  • ‘’Bras cause congestion in the lymph nodes – a vital part of the immune system and the body’s first line of defense against the spread of cancer’’ according to the medical anthropologist Sydney Singer.

However, not all of them are true. There are a lot of myths connected to bras that you believed in your whole life. Here are some of them :

#1 My breasts will become saggy if I don’t wear a bra

This is the most common bra myths among women. On the contrary of this belief, not wearing a bra doesn’t lead to breast saginess. What really happens is that the breast issue will regain its natural form because it is not being constrained by the bra. If you are worried that your breasts will become saggy, you can try various exercises that have a very positive effect on the chest muscles and breast tissue.

#2 Breast cancer risk is increased by the underwire bra

The truth is that there is no scientific foundation behind the belief that wearing an underwire bra leads to symptoms of breast cancer. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing one and you think that your breast tissue is suffering , you can try other alternatives like a bra with different structure or not wearing a bra at all.

#3 It is recommended to sleep with your bra on

There was a belief that persisted for a long time that sleeping with your bra on leads to perkier breasts. You should know that this is a myth and you probably agree that wearing a bra while sleeping is not very pleasant experience. If you want perkier breasts try out different chest exercises that will strengthen the muscles in the area and will also improve your overall posture.

#4 Stretch marks are caused by not wearing a bra

If you ever noticed the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts, it is normal to wonder where they came from. However, you should know that stretch marks are not caused by you not wearing a bra. They are actually caused by changes in your body’s composition overtime. Women who wear bras every day also notice the appearance of stretch marks overtime.

#5 Fixed sizing

Don’t expect to find a fixed size bra for different bra brand. Bra sizes vary from brand to brand so if you decide to change the brand, expect the bra size to differ. The best option is to always try them on before buying them.

#6 You can wash your bras in the machine

Bras are often made from delicate fabrics, so it’s not the best idea to wash them in the washing machine because they can easily be damaged. The solution is to wash your bras by hand. In this way they will last longer and you will save money.

#7 You can wear the same bra for several days in a row

It is normal for women to sweat, so to prevent accumulated bacteria on the bra from spreading , you should regularly wash your bras especially sport bras. Wearing a bra days in a row can lead to irreparable bra damage. Most bras contain elastic fibers, and if they are worn for several days in a row, the fibers become damaged, and the bra will no longer provide the necessary support.

Now you are familiar with the most common myths connected to bras. It’s your choice to follow some of the tips or not. Although women won’t give up on wearing bras, they should at least consider the health risks and don’t wear bras that often. Or at least they should invest in higher quality bra that will be more comfortable and won’t cause any pain.


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