This Accurate Picture Test Will Reveal How Others See You

Generally, most of the people are curious about how others perceive them and what are the impressions they get when they see them.

If you want to find out how other people see you, take this test: Look at this picture below. What do you see?

What did you see first? A woman or a  man’s face?

If you saw a woman: You are positive and  generous person.

You are determined and you always give your best when it comes to pursuing your goals and dreams. People around you admire your positivity and generosity. When you work in a group you are very good at planning and implementing and you are considered to be highly efficient. You are a great observer of other people’s emotions and body language. In your communication with others you always treat people they way you want to be treated. Since you have good interpersonal skills, you are adored by people who surround you. However, when it comes to choosing people you want to be close with or hang with, you are very sensitive and picky. This is because you are aware that toxic people will affect your mood negatively, so you try to avoid them. You are very aware of your own emotions and you set healthy boundaries with the people around you.

If you saw a man’s face: You are strong-willed and tough.

Whenever you experience some hardship in life, you don’t let people around you see you sad or frustrated. You often look care-free and happy on the inside because you don’t want to reveal your emotions or thoughts to others easily. When you work in a group, you are a strong leader and you put a lot of energy into everything you do.

You act analytically, make firm decisions and do not follow the crowds easily. You are easy going and full of positive energy. People feel happy when they are surround you and they find it easy to get along with you.

You are very curious and don’t want to rely on others. You always say what’s on your mind and get straight to the point.

You take  friendships and relationships very seriously and you always treat others way better than yourself. However, sometimes you tend to feel insecure and you need reassurance from the people who are close to you.

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