Life Threatening – In Case You Get A Fish Bone In Your Throat, Do This Immediately!

This situation has surely happened to you too : you got a fish bone in your throat while eating a fish.

Many people get scared when they swallow a bone, be it fish or any other bone for that matter. What immediately comes to their mind is where it will end up.

First aid

“When you suspect to have swallowed a bone, it is advisable to stop eating immediately. You should take a glass of water and seek medical attention immediately,”doctors advise.

“When you eat hard foods, it worsens the situation by pushing the bone deeper into the throat making it hard to be removed. The best thing is to drink a glass of water or juice and seek medical attention,” .

In most cases, if the victim drink plenty of water , the swallowed  bones usually clear the throat by themselves.

These are some of the methods that will help you if you can not immediately go to a doctor:

  • Cough – cough is an intrinsic reaction that can help you. Coughing can help to remove the bone in the simplest way.
  • Peanut butter and bread bemedy – this is a very effective remedy that may help in dislodging the stuck fishbone from your throat.  Just spread a thick layer of peanut butter on a slice of bread and put this in your mouth.
  • Olive oil – a spoon of olive oil can help you, of course, if you have swallowed a small bone.
  • Banana – bite off enough big part of a peeled banana in your mouth until your mouth becomes wet, don’t chew , just swallow the whole piece.

If nothing works, seek medical assistance – you should seek medical help, as it will successfully remove the bone from your throat.

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